Thermal Process Validation and FCE SID Filings and Submissions

FCE SID Certification

Xylem Singapore’s Validation Team is recognized by the U.S. FDA and British Retail Consortium (BRC) as a TPA (Thermal Process Authority). We have the expertise and experience as Process Authenticator, to file and successfully obtain FDA certification for our client.

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What is FCE SID Certification?

The FCE (Food Canning Establishment) and SID (Submission Identifier) are the two basic types of process filing and submissions required under the provision of FDA 21 CFR 108.35I(2).

Why do you need FCE SID Certification?

Commercial Processors who manufacture, process, or pack thermally processed low-acid foods (historically referred to by the FDA as “LACF”) packaged in hermetically sealed containers such as cans, bottles, jars, pouches and other retortable packaging are subject to the registration requirements and process filing requirements and are mandatory requirements for all food products that are exported.

How can Xylem Singapore help you?

Xylem Analytics have persons who are authorized to act on behalf of the above mentioned commercial processors who can help with process establishment and process adequacy measurements for the following food processes:

  • Retorts: Batch and Continuous, Rotary or Agitating and Continuous Spiral Cooker Coolers
  • Hot-Fill: Tubular Continuous, Kettle Cooking and other Hot-Fill Methods
  • Pasteurization: For Acid and Acidified Food Products such as fruit products and beverages
  • Aseptic: UHT Processing Lines including Surge Tank Mapping and Microbial Challenge

Certification steps involved:

1. Process Flow and Facility Survey
2. Process Machinery Survey
3. Data Acquisition
This will be performed according to accepted guidelines and protocols such as for Heat Distribution Tests (HDT) and Heat Penetration Tests (HPT) and other process adequacy test methods
4. Process Documentation
5. Filing and Submissions

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