Aanderaa SeaGuardII DCP Wave

The SeaGuardII DCP Wave is a 600kHz Doppler Current Profiler able to measure directional wave parameters and currents from a bottom mounted installation.

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The SeaGuardII DCP Wave is a 600kHz Doppler Current Profiler able to measure directional wave parameters and currents from a bottom mounted installation. The Acoustic Wave software 5759 used by the DCPS implements unique features to improve the wave measurement accuracy by optimizing the signal to noise ratio. Maximum deployment depth is 40m in normal scatter conditions. Available as a self-recording instrument, it is easily integrable into a realtime system offering reliable two-way communication. Redundant wave measurement for QA/QC can be implemented by adding the wave and tide sensor 5218.


  • Navigation safety
  • Prediction and modelling
  • Energy assessment
  • Infrastructure design
  • Coastal processes, erosion
  • Oil & Gas

Simple solution to measure waves, currents and water quality in one instrument

  • Independent measurement of waves and currents
  • Field validated data-comparison with MOTUS buoy, Datawell Waverider and pressure based non directional wave sensor
  • Measures wave from centimeters to 20m
  • 2Hz or 4Hz wave sampling
  • Processing of up to three columns in parallel, provides flexible setup with both surface referred and bottom referred cells.

Adaptive pulse technology automatically optimizes wave measurement accuracy

The transmission pulse is automatically adapted to the current sea conditions to provide best measurement achievable; a low noise broadband mode is used for smaller waves, an extended range broadband mode used for medium range waves and a narrowband mode is applied for higher waves.

Expendable platform - Multiparameter monitoring

  • Wide range of additional parameters available using Aanderaa smart sensors; wave, tide, temperature, conductivity, pressure, oxygen
  • 4 analog inputs and 2 serial ports for integration of third party sensors as for instance turbidity, pH, total algae, etc

Smart Data quality control

  • Automatic flagging of bad data; quality status for each cell
  • Redundant wave energy spectrum and other wave parameters when using the wave and tide sensor 5218 (provides time series)
  • User selectable advanced autobeam algorithm; automatic selection of the best 3-beams combination in case of obstructions in one beam

Enhanced real-time functionality

  • Serial port input for direct connection of modem with power control
  • Support AIS, GOES, pseudo binary formats
  • Independent configuration of the recording and transmission intervals
  • Automatic retransmission of missing data

User friendly set up and data analysis

  • Predeployment configuration software; RT Collector
  • Modern post-processing software; Data Studio 3D
  • Geoview web-based display for real-time application

Wave upgrade of SeaGuardII DCP

  • Contact factory
Velocity profile measurement  
Acoustic frequency 600 kHz
Typical profiling range Broadband: 30-70m
Narrowband 35-80m
Cell size 0.5m - 5m
Cell overlap 0-90%
Velocity range Narrowband: 0-500cm/s –
(1000cm/s with max tilt ± 5°)
Broadband: 0-400cm/s
Velocity accuracy 0.3cm/s or ±1% of reading
Velocity resolution 0.1cm/s
Velocity precision <3,3cm
Ping rate Up to 10Hz (config. dependent)
Cell positioning Instrument or surface referred
Multiple columns 3 simultaneous columns + Surface cell
Max. number of cells 150 total, 75 for first column, 50 for second and 25 for third
Blanking zone 1m

Wave measurement    
WAVE Range Resolution Accuracy
Height 0.2m - 20m 1cm ± 5cm or <1% of value
Period 3-30 sec <0.05 sec <1%
Direction 0-360° 0.1° <2°(RMS)

Minimum wave period (s) 10m 20m   30m 40m
Cut-off period (Hs) 3.12 3.33 4 5
Cut-off period (Dir) 3.5 4.4 5.9 6.6

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