Aanderaa SeaGuard II DCP

The brand new acoustic profiler joining the SeaGuard family. It features innovative development of the acoustic profiling capacity and an exceptional ability to collect high quality current information on moving and tilting moorings. Available as a self-recording instrument, it also integrates unique real time features to meet your application needs.

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The SeaGuardII is a smart data hub that combines the SeaGuard electronics with the advanced management firmware of Aanderaa SmartGuard data hub.

SeaGuardII DCP is a 600kHz frequency profiler with multi-sensor capability. By design, we offer increased deployment time, optimized configuration flexibility and unique features to cope with demanding upper ocean environments.

Optional parameters are available using Aanderaa range of smart sensors that include temperature, pressure, conductivity, oxygen, wave, tide and turbidity. In addition the SeaGuardII has 4 analog inputs, 2 serial ports with power control and direct connection for real time data transmission unit.


  • Buoy mounted
  • Hyd/Met systems
  • In mooring line with upside down possibility
  • Two DCPS sensors connected to one instrument
  • Ocean observatory with sensors string
  • Bottom mounted
  • Multiparameter ocean observations

Increased deployment time:

  • 24 months deployment at 30min sampling interval
  • Reduced power consumption with broadband technology
  • Increased internal battery capacity
  • Optional user assembled battery

2016,May - Below the surface in ports: topography, navigation and pollution

Increasing ship size and higher demands for more efficient ports have increased the responsibilities for port and navigational authorities. This application oriented webinar will show how solutions from Aanderaa, HYPACK and SonTek help one harbour deal with increasing demands:

  • HydroSurveyor M9 compact high performance systems to measure bathymetry and currents in ports and harbors
  • CastAway CTD offers seamless integration of sound speed information
  • HYPACK software powerful tool to plan missions and analyze data
  • HydroSurveyor M9, CastAway and HYPACK - a complete survey package from Xylem
  • Aanderaa have offered turn key hydro-meteorological soltuions for ports and harbors globally
  • Side looking insturments suitable for pier mounting
  • New buoys combine single point and profiling Doppler current sensors to cover the entire water column
  • Mulitparameter insturuments like SeaGuard RCM and SeaGuard II DCP are suitable for lead detection and pollution spreading studies from wrecks

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