Aanderaa RCM Blue

The RCM Blue is a self-recording Current Meter which measures water temperature in salt or fresh water, and a battery container with battery capacity up to 70Ah. The Doppler Current Sensor is an upgraded version of the proven SeaGuard ZPulse sensor. The instrument configuration and data retrieval is done via Bluetooth which eliminates the need to open the pressure case for repeated deployments.

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Video
  • Internal data storage
  • Configuration and data retrieval by use of Bluetooth
  • Battery compartments with up to 70Ah
  • External LED with color code reports status
  • Software for configuration and retrieval of data and USB to Bluetooth adapter included
  • Unique ZPulse multi-frequency acoustic technology improves data quality, sampling speed and reduces power consumption
  • Built-in solid state three axis compass and tilt sensor with compensating algorithm
  • Direct readout of engineering data
  • Fast sampling rate
  • Low power consumption
  • Insensitive to fouling
  • Low maintenance needs
Recording System Internal data storage
Storage Capacity Standard 1GB
Battery Compartments 2 inside case
Battery - Alkaline 3988 9V, 15Ah (nominal 12.5Ah;20W down to 6V at 4°C)
Battery - Lithium 3908 7V, 35Ah
Recording Interval 2s - 2h
Depth Capacity 300m
Material and Finish PUR, POM, PET, epoxy coated titanium
Platform Dimensions H: 356mm  OD: 139mm
Weight In Air:  7.0kg
In Water: 1.7kg
Supply Voltage 6-30 Volts
Operating Temperature -5 to +50°C
Current Speed Vector averaged
Range 0 - 300 cm/s
Resolution 0.1 mm/s
Mean Accuracy ±0.15 cm/s
Relative ±1% of reading
Statistic Precision (std) 0.3 cm/s (ZPulse mode), 0.45 cm/s*

* Based upon 300 pings

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