YSI 2900 Biochemistry Analyzer EVOLVE Campaign

Evolve With YSI - 2900 Biochemistry Analyzer Campaign

YSI's exclusive trade-in discountExclusive offer for Upgrade from 2300D/2700D to 2900D

  • Extended 2-year warranty
  • Free Glucose Starter Kit
  • Share your story of using YSI LS Analyzer to redeem assorted xylem branded analytical instrument at incredible WOW offer


Not sure which 2900 Series Analyzer is best for you?
Download our Replacement Guide to help you decide how to evolve. 

Why Evolve?

Product support for most of our discontinued models, including the YSI 2700, will expire in 2017 and 2018.

To see when your discontinued model is affected, download our replacement guide.

2900 Series Advantages

  • Icon-driven user interface with touchscreen
  • Upgraded data management tools
  • More automated sampling options, including 96-well plates
  • Onboard training videos
  • 21 CFR, Part 11 compliance
  • User level permissions
  • Online monitoring and control
  • LEARN MORE about the YSI 2900 Biochemistry Analyzer Series