Webinar | Precision Hydrometeorological Instrumentation from YSI (WaterLOG)

Precision Hydrometeorological Instrumentation from YSI (WaterLOG)

WaterLOG has over 25 years experience manufacturing monitoring instrumentation, and has incorporated many advanced features in their sensor range. This one hour webinar will focus on applications and selecting the correct instrument for your monitoring campaign, to ensure you save time and money by installing the right equipment from the outset. Kerry will cover the complete range of water level monitoring sensors, tipping bucket rain gauge as well as data logger and telemetry options.

● Get a behind the scenes look at how third party testing is conducted on WaterLOG products
● Understanding shaft encoder elements and operation. The encoder, floats and sizes, punch tape; what it all means and how it all works
● Dotcom Bubble? Bubble gum? Bubble wrap? Kerry bursts the bubble of confusion on the Amazon Bubbler and its operation principles
● Non-contact Radar Water Level Measurement; an in depth look at how the Nile Radar overcomes difficult monitoring assignments
●   Hydrosphere; unwrapping WaterLOG's complete server and website interface rebuild

Kerry Hubbard, Outdoor Water Monitoring Specialist, 2 years with YSI and 10+ years experience with water quality monitoring.
Kerry has an undergraduate degree in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences with a focus in Environmental Science from Georgia Institute of Technology. She spent nearly nine years with the United States Geological Survey on an urban hydrology program, measuring various water quantity and quality parameters. Kerry is now the Outdoor Water Monitoring Specialist for YSI, where she regularly assists users with their water level and data logging questions, recognizing the importance of water level and flow for flood monitoring, transportation and water quality loads calculations for many users.

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