Webinar - WTW IQ SensorNet Application Overview - Sept. 27th

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10:30AM  New Dehli
1:00PM  Singapore
3:00PM  Brisbane

Join Georg Hatzelmann, WTW Technical Application and Support Specialist for Online Instruments, and learn more about the WTW IQ Sensor Net.

Georg will be covering the following:

  • IQSN system overview and key benefits 
  • IQSN real world applications
  • Top 10 frequently asked questions about the IQSN
  • IQSN Alyza PO4 Orthophosphate Analyzer introduction

Together with various application ideas, we will be introducing WTW IQ Sensor Net series of controllers:

WTW IQ Sensor Net DIQ/S 282/284 Controller- Controller for small and mid-sized wastewater treatment plants
WTW IQ SensorNet 181 Digital Controller - Digital controller DIQ/S 181 for pH,dissolved oxygen, turbidity or conductivity
WTW IQ SensorNet 2020 XT Controller - Improve Operational Efficiency with Continuous Data

We will also hold a Q&A session after the presentation, so please feel free to actively participate in this webinar! 

Presenter - Georg Hatzelmannt 
Technical Support, WTW

Georg Hatzelmann 

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