Aug 22 WTW Webinar - Meet the New Alyza IQ!

Optimize your Phosphate Monitoring and Control


WTW Alyza IQ: The Simple choice for PO4 Analyzers : Does your wet chemistry analyzers require a huge amount of time to maintain or do you have a high reagent consumption that is costly and not under control? If these analyzers perform critical monitoring and control tasks why compromise your accuracy. 

With the revolutionary new Alyza wet chemistry platform from WTW, reducing maintenance time and costs to operate has been at the heart of its development but at the same time providing reliable critical data Dr. Natalie Leiprecht .

Thanks to the extremely low reagent consumption, simple service and reliable data even at very low concentrations, Alyza IQ offers everything you need for an optimized PO4 monitoring and control.

Guest Speaker - Dr. Natalie Leiprecht 
Process Segment Manager, responsible for product management and marketing for process instrumentation (brands: WTW, SIA, STM, MJK) and of course still PM for Alyza IQ J, 6+ years experience in the water industry/Xylem, phD in Biochemistry

Natalie Leiprecht