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Xylem Analytics is a major global manufacturer of water quality & flow monitoring instruments, including leading brands like YSI, SonTek, Aanderaa, Global Water, MJK, SI Analytics, OI Analytical & WTW.  With our constant stream of innovative products we are connected to our Asia Pacific customers and we want to assist in ensuring that you collect data of the highest quality – reliably.





WTW Oxygen Handbook 2019

WTW Conductivity Handbook 2019

Xylem Analytics Brands

Aanderaa - a Xylem brand

Aanderaa—Manufactures sensors, instruments and systems for measuring and monitoring in markets including aquaculture, environmental research, marine transportation, oil and gas, road and traffic and construction.

Bellingham + Stanley - a Xylem brand

Bellingham + Stanley—Our expertise in optical engineering, electronics and software design has enabled us to create instruments that are used extensively throughout the world's food, drinks, pharmaceutical, chemical and petroleum industries.

Global Water - a Xylem brand

Global Water—A producer and systems integrator of cost-effective, accurate, rugged, and reliable monitoring and control solutions serving the water, wastewater and environmental markets.

MJK - a Xylem brand

MJK—Automation develops, manufactures and supplies water instrumentation for control of drinking water, sewage water and industrial water treatment.

SI Analytics - a Xylem Brand

SI Analytics—Manufacturer of titrators, viscosity measuring systems, capillary viscometers, SCHOTT® Instruments high-performance laboratory and process electrodes as well as meters for the measurement of pH, DO and conductivity.

SonTek - a Xylem brand

SonTek—Advancing environmental science in over 100 countries, manufactures affordable, reliable acoustic Doppler instrumentation for water velocity measurement in oceans, rivers, lakes, canals, harbors, estuaries, and laboratories.

WTW - a Xylem brand

WTW —Offers robust analysis products for the measurement of various parameters in lab, field and on-line applications serving the environmental, water and wastewater, food and beverage, educational, pharmaceutical, clinical, others..

YSI - a Xylem brand

YSI—Develops and manufactures sensors, instruments, software and data collection platforms for environmental and coastal water quality monitoring and testing.


Discharge and bathymetric data collection of plantation canals in Indonesia

Sinar Mas Forestry (SMF) manages companies that operate forest plantations in Sumatra and Kalimantan. Sinar Mas Forestry is the exclusive supplier of raw materials for pulp and paper mills Asia Pulp & Paper.

Water management in the Sinar Mas Forestry plantations presents an immense amount of challenges. With over 2.6million hectares of concession areas to manage, a comprehensive and dynamic water management plan is essential. For example, during the annual dry season, water table management is critical to prevent peat fires and for peatland forest conservation. However during the wet season, attention is switched to flood management at low elevation areas.

Defining and understanding these water zones is critical to ensure healthy tree growth for paper production and environmental protection. To achieve its production and environmental goals, field hydrological data pertaining to sedimentation in rivers and canals and water budget planning in water zones becomes a critical factor. The use of appropriate technology in the management of industrial plantations water infrastructure to support managerial professionals is essential.